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Exploring Music E 33 Shock and Bravery, part 02 of 02, with James Bargent and Max Beattie

March 27, 2020 Lionel Lodge
Exploring Music Podcast
Exploring Music E 33 Shock and Bravery, part 02 of 02, with James Bargent and Max Beattie
Show Notes

James and Max discuss the many faces and forms for using shock and being brave with music in advertising, films and TV. How the unexpected twists our perceptions and gives a fresh feel to experience.

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James Bargent, who has a BA Honors First Class in Professional Musicianship from the Brighton Institute of Modern Music is a Producer at MassiveMusic which is a music agency with offices in Amsterdam, London, New York, Los Angeles and Shanghai. They create music for the world’s leading advertising agencies, brands, media and technology companies. Before joining Massive James worked in the sync department at Warner Music Group.

Facebook: @massivemusicagency
Twitter: @massivemusic
Instagram: @massivemusic
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/49637/

And joining James is Max Beattie, who has a BA in Anthropology from the University of Durham and a diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering from the Point Blank Music School is Sync Creative Consultant at the Music Sales Group. Music Sales is one of the world’s leading independent music publishing companies with offices worldwide. It is active in many music-related fields including copyright ownership and promotion. Previously, Max held positions as Music Researcher for Leland Music, Sync consultant for Chelsea Music Publishing and Representative for Mad Planet, all sync licensing related roles.  *note: The Music Sales Group, since recording this conversation, has change it's name to The Wise Music Group.*

The background music players on this episode are Joe Schirl on bass guitar and Peter Mayerhofer on hand pan. All other elements of the music was composed, engineered and mixed by Lionel Lodge.

This episode conversation was recorded at The Joint in the Kings Cross area of London, England. Click here for more information on their services. 

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