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Exploring Music E 26 Neighboring Rights, part 01 of 02 with Naomi Asher, Anne Tausis and Stacey Haber

March 27, 2020 Lionel Lodge
Exploring Music Podcast
Exploring Music E 26 Neighboring Rights, part 01 of 02 with Naomi Asher, Anne Tausis and Stacey Haber
Show Notes

What are Neighboring Rights? If you have played on a recording and it was played on the radio, in a club or in visual media then you should be collecting these royalties. They are being collected for you, but do you claim them? Naomi Asher, Anne Tausis and Stacey Haber are board members of  IAFAR (Independent Alliance For Artist Rights) and they discuss what Neighboring Rights are and how you can collect them. Best is to become a member of IAFAR so you can stay up to date with your rights and help support IAFAR in making sure new legislation is put in place to protect your rights.

Naomi Asher is Vice President of International Neighboring Rights at Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Previously she was President and Company Director of Wixen Music UK LTD which is a publishing and neighbouring rights management company. Naomi is also the president and co-founder of the IAFAR.

Ann Tausis, who has worked in the publishing and music rights sectors of the industry for over 30 years including senior positions at Universal Music Publishing Group and her current position of CEO of Kobalt Neighbouring Rights Limited. Ann is also Treasurer/Secretary and Vice Chair of the IAFAR.

Stacey Haber is Head of Legal & Business Affairs at Inside Baseball Music Publishing. Stacey’s diverse professional life has taken her through many aspects of the entertainment and legal worlds. This includes television, theatre, music videos and feature films. Her in-house legal career began at Instinct Records, in private practice she was a senior lawyer at Simms & Walters LLP in NYC and Theodore Goddard in London working with the firm’s A-listers David Bowie, Elvis Costello and Tina Turner. Stacey is currently, in addition to her position at Inside Baseball Music Publishing, Founder of the multi-media company The Music Firm, Founder of Hope & Plum Book Publishing, Partner at FoxPin Artist Management and Business and Legal Head at the IAFAR.

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