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Exploring Music E40 The Devaluation of Music part 1 of 2 with Jay Mistry and Helienne Lindvall

July 02, 2020 Lionel Lodge, Jay Mistry, Helienne Lindvall Season 4 Episode 40
Exploring Music Podcast
Exploring Music E40 The Devaluation of Music part 1 of 2 with Jay Mistry and Helienne Lindvall
Show Notes

For this episode, which is titled ‘The Devaluation of Music’ Helienne and Jay discuss what has and is happening to the value of music and what can be done to turn it around.

Jay Mistry is a Music Industry Consultant and CEO at JM Consultancy. Jay has decades of experience in consulting and driving innovation in the music industry. He is a highly motivated, innovative and experienced professional who has built a global reputation in advising music companies and individuals on how to decipher and evaluate their assets and music rights, implement procedures, realise their goals and to reach or exceed financial targets. Jay has been on the inside of most sides of the publishing industry including his start with 9 years at PRS, the UK PRO and following that with close to 9 years at BMG managing innovations in their royalty tracking systems. In the over 16 years since leaving BMG Jay has brought innovative changes to a quite diverse list of entertainment companies including The Discovery Channel, Music Sales Group, Montreux Jazz Festival and many, many more. And to back up his reputation is hundreds of peer endorsements on LinkedIn. Jay is also currently managing the careers of Sarah DeCourcy, who is a producer and a composer, Simon Tellier, a drummer for, among others, The Pet Shop Boys, Jamie Wright who is a composer for visual media and Fred Bux who is also a media composer.

Helienne Lindvall is on the Board of Directors of the Ivors Academy of Music Creators which used to be called the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors or BASCA. She also holds the position of Director of Business Development and Artist Relations UK for Landr Audio Inc, a music creator platform whose core service is AI music mastering. Helienne is also an award-winning professional songwriter and musician who has written with and for major recording artists on both sides of the Atlantic. Plus, she has a long history as a music and media writer for publications including weekly columns for the Guardian newspaper. Previously Helienne has held positions of Head of Business & Songwriter relations for the song data management platform Auddly, Director of Industry Relations Europe for VEVA Sound and is regularly invited to discuss music industry topics on Sky TV and the BBC.

The EMP theme music players are Joe Schirl on bass guitar and Peter Mayerhofer on hand pan. The music played through the conversation was composed, engineered and mixed by Lionel Lodge.

This episode conversation was recorded at The Joint in the Kings Cross area of London, England. Click here for more information on their services. 

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