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EMP EP 44 Esoteric Music and Collaborations with Tom Brown and Will Skeaping part 1 of 2

November 02, 2020 Tom Brown, Will Skeaping, Lionel Lodge Season 5 Episode 44
Exploring Music Podcast
EMP EP 44 Esoteric Music and Collaborations with Tom Brown and Will Skeaping part 1 of 2
Show Notes

In this, Episode 44 (which is part of Series 5) of the SyncLodge Exploring Music Podcast we explore the history of the legendary Lex Records, esoteric music and great, unusual collaborations, mashups and breaking new ground in music with Tom Brown and Will Skeaping. Part 1 of 2.  For more information visit www.lexrecords.com

Tom Brown is the owner of Lex Records, established in 2001 and Lex Films established in 2011. Tom started his career at Warp Records where Lex was initially a Warp sub-label. Tom took it fully independent in 2005. Lex is best known for releasing music by Danger Mouse, MF DOOM, Neon Neon and BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah.

In 2011 Lex started production on a series of short films written by Alan Moore and directed by Mitch Jenkins, the films were screened at film festivals worldwide and are now licensed to AMC's Shudder. Lex Films have produced Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins first feature film THE and is developing an original animated series STRATA by comic book creator Tommy Lee Edwards and I Speak Machine  (here’s a concept art reel https://youtu.be/t8lbZqXI3V0).

And joining Tom is Will Skeaping who studied History or Art and Italian at the University of Manchester and studied History of Art at the University of Bologna is the co-editor of best-selling Extinction Rebellion handbook 'This Is Not A Drill', which is published by Penguin Books. Will is considered a full-time activist.

When he’s not haunting meetings and social occasions as the ghost of climate & ecological future, Will is a Creative Strategist specializing in integrated, scalable, creative brand development; building platforms and campaigns that connect with audiences through culture and technology. That all sounds impressive, but where is the music in all of this? Well, he started his professional career with many years in the music industry, holding positions of radio promotions at Warp Records and then, label manager at Lex Records. Plus, he apparently has amazing taste in music and his parents are cool oddball musicians.

The music for this episode is by the Lex Records recording artist GILA from the EPs Trench Tones, and 3 Riders, including tracks Rider 3 (Absent Root), Rider 1 (Dang Wind), I Lose, and Throw This Away. For more information please visit www.lexrecords.com

The EMP theme music players are Joe Schirl on bass guitar and Peter Mayerhofer on hand pan. The music played through the conversation was composed, engineered and mixed by Lionel Lodge.

This episode conversation was recorded at The Joint in the Kings Cross area of London, England. For more information on their services please visit www.thejoint.org.uk

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